Kabaret Bastardo Final Show @ Fringe Festival

That final show was something very special indeed! Absolutely crazy, with an audience full of energy, laughter, confusion, dance and warm smiles by the end.

Thank you all so much for supporting our chaotic creation!

The show was described along the run as:

“Fucking brilliant. My thighs hurt from all the slapping.”

“Like a gypsy, bluesy, jazz-funk acid trip”

“Weird as fuck!”

“‘David Byrne-style musical acid trip”

“I only have one critics, you should play longer!”

(some pattern there with the “acid trip” but we can assure you that none of the members was on drugs, not illegal ones to be clear)

Our Fringe run is now over. We’ll lick our tent wounds, give our orang-utan a rest, and resist eating hearts for a little while.

We hope to see you all again soon.


Another great artwork by Claudio Sousa, check out is work at:




Kabaret Bastardo Walking Tent

If you’re wondering if that tent that has been walking around Edinburgh is ours, the answer is YES!!!

Don’t be afraid, its just one of our mad ways of flyering! Come and say hi!

Holy shit! Our talking tent is on STV!

Thanks to Adam Forrest at Minute Magazine: Edinburgh for filming us!

42secs in!

Cheeky walking tent was spotted again

Last Monday, our tent was walking around Grassmarket in the morning, minding its own business…ended up in a challenge to see how many people could fit in a hatchback.

Not easy being a tent, you know…

Kabaret Bastardo EP

So, it is time to reveal what we’ve been up to!

Here’s some tracks from our EP, released on our first Fringe show.

Hugs and kisses!

We would like to thank Ricardo Salomão for the great artwork for our  first EP.

Make sure to check is work:



If you’re interested in purchasing our EP, please fill free to contact us via kabaretbastardo@gmail.com

Kabaret Bastardo @ Fringe Festival

It’s here! Our first ever Edinburgh Fringe Festival show!

We are playing at the Sweet Venues at the Apex International Hotel (Grassmarket).

For 7 nights only, 3,4,5,11,12,18,19, of August 9.15pm!

A limited run so we that we can pack even more mischief in.

Come along, if you dare….




A very, very, special thanks to Claudio Sousa the extraordinary artist that come up with this wonderful artwork for our Poster (first on the left) and Flyer.

Check out is work at: