Kabaret Bastardo @ Canal Festival (Photographs)

What an incredible gig at the Edinburgh Canal Festival today!

Amazing crowd ranging from terrified children to enthusiastic senior citizens, and pretty much everything in between.

We’ll be returning underground for a little while now, planning and scheming our next mischievous adventure.

We’ll see your beautiful faces again as the evenings draw longer.

A special thank you to the photographer Rui Jorge,


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Kabaret Bastardo @ Canal Festival

A new free Kabaret Bastardo gig! Come and revel in the music of our dark gypsy cabaret of glamorous macabre!

We will be playing at the Edinburgh Canal Festival, 21/06, at 3:30pm. There will be much more happening during the festival, so join us early and enjoy!

Details here: http://www.edinburghcanalfestival.org.uk/festival.html

Contact us via the email address kabaretbastardo@gmail.com for more information.

Kabaret Bastardo @ Cabaret Voltaire

Thank you SO MUCH for coming out to play last night! We’d a lot of fun, we hope you did too!

Some far out photos that capture the chaos of our Cabaret Voltaire Official gig in black and white beauty, lots of our lovely audience there too.

Thank you soooo much for these photographs Braňo Obžera, from ABO Photography. Our heartfelt THANK YOU!

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