The Debut GiG @ The Old Town Street Food Festival 2014

Hello, lovely creatures!

We’re finally bringing our extravaganza out to the open, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Murder tangos, dirty swings, sleazy blues, satirical polkas, macabre masquerades, ominous storytelling, minor seconds and piano clusters. If it’s fun, we do it!

Kabaret Bastardo is an emerging Edinburgh-based Dark Kabaret show. We tell the stories of the inhabitants of Sunshine, our hometown. In the heart of it lies Kabaret Bastardo, the place where rich and poor, fortunate and unfortunate, sinner and saint are equal, and sit, drink and laugh about it.

We’ll be playing at The Three Sisters as part of the Old Town Street Food Festival. It’s an afternoon gig and it’s FREE, so no excuses to miss it!

Hugs and kisses!